$125 Donation to the Riverland Garden Club / RFDS

On the 16th of March 2011, the Apex Club of Renmark donated $75 to the Riverland Garden Club for the 1st Annual Petal Plucking Championship, held in Berri. The entry fee for the competition was $25, however, the Renmark Apex Club decided to donate an additional $75 as money raised from the event went to the RFDS. Another $50 was raised through members at our meeting on the 2nd of March after John Menzel flogged off some flowers at the end of hte night.  John came to our meeting to promote the ‘Petal Plucking Championship’ and give our President Mark ‘Mad-Dog’ Charlesworth some useful pointers in  the skill of plucking petals.

Unfortunately we bowed out of the Championship early on, however it was still a very good night.

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