Service & Fundraising Projects

P.S. Industry
The Renmark Apex Club regularly helps the volunteers from the P.S. Industry group by loading firewood onto the old vessel to provide fuel for the boiler. The P.S. Industry cruses the River on the first Sunday of each month. A weekend during the winter is volunteered by members for a wood cutting weekend to gather wood to supply to the P.S. Industry. This includes a camping trip where plenty of yarns are told during the night over a few frothies.


The Renmark Apex Club collects sheep manure (Shanure) from local shearing sheds with members volunteering time. One member (James Chappel) donates the use of his Semi Trailer to transport the manure back to Renmark where it is bagged and sold to local residents.

More information regarding Shanure can be found here.

New Years Eve Ball
Held at the Historic Chowilla Shearing Shed, 40 km north of Renmark, the Renmark Apex club has held an event in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. The Renmark Apex Club uses this event as its major fundraiser for the year, with proceeds being donated to a nominated charity and spent on community projects in the Renmark / Paringa district. The event generally attracts between 200 – 300 people of mixed ages who enjoy a relaxing new years eve party. The 2006, 2008 & 2010 events have  raised over $16,000

The Renmark Apex Club volunteer many hours to the Historic Olivewood museum with the latest project involving the installation and re-engineering of a packing line.

Catering Events

The Renmark Apex Club has cooked thousands of donuts, sausages, hamburgers, steak sandwich’s, hot chips and bags of fairy floss.  Our recently revamped catering van is proving very popular at local schools and sporting events within the district.

Grape Picking / Pruning
Members of the Renmark Apex Club volunteer weekends during the grape picking and pruning to pick and prune grapevines for growers willing to provide the club a donation. These days are generally followed by a few coldies.

Santa Service
The Apex Club provides a Santa for the Renmark Christmas Pageant each year, and members escort him handing out lollies to the children.

This role has expanded in the last few years to include appearances at sporting clubs, childcare centres, end of year business parties and other not for profit and community groups.