Social Events

Interclub Cricket Match (Renmark vs Loxton)
In 2011, Renmark and Loxton Apex Clubs met on the neutral turf at Berri. Whilst our WAGs told us we were too old, too slow, and generally useless at playing cricket, and that Loxton were fitter, stronger, younger and more good looking, we had an inner belief that we could get the job done (and a lot of beer). 

A Twenty20 match was played and comprehensivley won by Renmark by about 60 runs.  Whilst Loxton Apex are one of the worst cricket teams going around, they did manage to make us look incredibly good. Bribing the umpire (Karoonda Apexian – Tank Greenfield) with beer before the toss was one of our better game strategies, as it paid off in the 1st over….   

The Winning Renmark Apex Cricket Team


Scott Braunack showing un-conventional stroke play


 Fishing Trip
Once a year, the club uses the disguise of a ‘Fishing Trip’ to head up the Chowilla Creek and hold a drinking event. In 2008 we even caught some fish (5). The most fish went to Scott (3), but the biggest fish went to Pete (just).  

Nathan (accountant) did not want to touch this one....


Ten Pin Bowling
Since the arrival of a Ten Pin Bowling centre in the Riverland, members have told stories of how many strikes and spares they have scored. I suspect we have not heard the full truth about the number of gutters bowled, so each year, we sort out the men from the boys. Unfortunately, the bowling alley is not a licensed venue, so a few trips out to the car park might occur.  

Shoot Night
Held at the Renmark Rifle Club, each year the club has a Shoot Night where we all get to play with guns…. The competition is pretty intense, and trophys awarded to the best & worst shooters.  

Barry (the Winner) and Michael (not the Winner) with their trophies.


 Ski Night
Using Scott Petersen’s ski boat, this event is always a popular way to finish a hot summers day. Held at the Renmark Ski Site where the water is always calm and there is a nice sandbar to swim from, it is the ideal spot to see the sunset over the river. The club pays for the meat, and members bring a salad and drinks.  

Scotty wakeboarding at our annual Ski Night

Scotty wakeboarding at our annual Ski Night

Morty trying to have a ski.

Morty trying to have a ski.

This event is held annually to collect sheep manure (Shanure) from local shearing sheds and sold to local residents for their gardens. This is generally a fairly labour intensive exercise, so a BBQ and plenty of beers are required at the end of the first day to refresh members for the second day.


More details regarding our shanure work can be found here