2012 Interclub Cricket Match vs Loxton

2012 Interclub Cricket Match (Renmark vs Loxton) T25 Game
The match was scheduled to be played at Lake Cullulleraine and combined with a social camp out at the caravan park, however the Loxton guys informed us that they were afraid of the dark, and wanted a local match so they could go home & sleep in their own beds, with a night light on.
Unfortunately for us, Shane Smart couldn’t organise a neutral ground in time, so Loxtons Scott Reichstein arranged for the match to be played at the Loxton Primary School. (Thanks Scotty).
Renmark went into the match as reigning champions, however having to travel across the river made us all a bit nervous.
The weather was average, having had 80 mm during the week, and with scattered showers forecast across the Riverland for the big day, Loxton were hoping it was going to rain, and rain hard – it  was going to be the only thing that would save them from humiliation….
Fortunately, it didn’t rain, and the match got underway in typical Apex fashion, after a few beers, and about an hour late.
Renmark won the toss, and elected to bat, hoping the residual moisture on the matting would not play havoc with the openers. Pete Keynes took to the Loxton attack, dispatching a number of balls to the boundary and then over it. Of his 48, he only ran 4  times, and was dropped twice by Jack Evans. Shane Smart swung hard, and connected with the occasional ball for a painfully etched out 36. Enter Nathan Haynes, 60 from about 20 deliveries, including a 6 that ended up in a vacant lot over the road. Last years aggressor Mark Charlesworth went cheaply, along with a number of the bottom order, including the Windmill (aka Barry Baz Sullivan), Ben Arnold, Kevin Van Amstel, and ex Renmark North slow/medium-slow bowling superstar, James Robertson.
If Baz had have made contact with 10% of what he swung at, he would have been lucky, and on track for a big score! A special mention must go to Michael Vowles, the only Renmark batsman to score a DUCK. He was also bowled by Ashley Shugg (aka: Mr. Cricket) who tried to help Loxton by having a bowl for them. However, Vowleseys skills behind the wickets were a lot better than Smarty’s last year, and he ended up with 4 catches for the match.
Renmark all out on the Final Ball of the 25th over for a whopping 10/248 (9.92 runs /over).
In the field, it was fair to say that Renmark were confident that Loxton couldn’t chase down the massive target, however it soon became evident that we were not the strongest bowlers. Wides led the scoring for Loxton in the early stages of the innings as the Renmark bowlers struggled to find the pitch.
After a few Red Cans of Spinach, Scott Petersen entered the attack with immediate results, 1/0 off 1 delivery, however the next 3 balls were wides….which really summed up our bowling! As the wickets tumbled, the Renmark bowlers had a field day, and Loxton were looking at imminent defeat.
Loxton, all out in the 19th over, 14/114 – Mercy Rule applied!
A deal was made between the clubs at the beginning of play, to donate some money to the Riverland Make A Wish Foundation. The entry fee for each team was $250, and each team had to donate an additional $5 for every SIX that they hit.
Renmark hit an amazing 18 x 6s Loxton hit 8 x 6s (mostly off the top edge over the keeper or miss hits) and the clubs will jointly present Riverland Make A Wish Foundation a cheque for $630 on the 4th of April 2012.
A fantastic day was had by all, and a lot of money raised for a great cause – We look forward to defending the trophy again in 2013.