Renmark Apex Club – Catering Van = Finished (Finally)

Well, since the Apex Club decided in May 2009 to re-build our old catering van, we have slowly chipped away at pulling the old van apart (the easy bit), and then building the new one (the hard part). The project was part funded with a grant of approximately $4,000 from the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal (FRRR) and a $4,000 grant from the Renmark Paringa Council. Local businesses also assisted us with donations of certain items.

The total cost of the new Catering Van was approximately $15,000 (not including labour). We re-used the original chassis and axles of the old caravan, and built the new frame on top. The van has been a long time coming, and when it was delivered on Thursday night after having the stickers applied, the members were very impressed.

Its first event was Friday night, at the Renmark High School’s Spring Fair. We received a lot of good feedback about the van, but more importantly is was a pleasure to work in, and we could all stand up straight (first time in the van…) In 3 hours we cooked nearly 200 buckets of chips and nearly 700 donuts. Six members worked in the van in comfort, rotating through different jobs all night.

Its second outing was Sunday night, at the Leukaemia Foundations ‘Light the Night’ event in Renmark. In 3 hours we cooked over 80 buckets of chips and sold around 50 hotdogs.

Below are some photos of the new Catering Van.

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Renmark Apex Club Donates 5 Tonnes of Firewood to PS Industry

On the 29th of April, the Apex Club collected and donated 5 Tonnes of firewood from local a citrus farm, CostaExchange and donated it to the Friends of the P.S. Industry. The collection took around 10 x man hours to complete.

The firewood replaced wood that had been stolen from the volunteers of the PS Industry a few weeks earlier.

President, Peter Keynes said that “The Apex Club of Renmark has had a long association with the PS Industry, and that collecting and donating the firewood was a worthy excersise and would assist the PS Industry.”

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Apex Club of Renmark donates $2,800 trailer to Salvation Army

On the 19th of April 2012, The Apex Club of Renmark donated a brand new 8 x 5 trailer (with cage) to the Renmark branch of the Salvation Army.

Kevin Van Amstel form the Salvation Army was a guest speaker at a club meeting in 2011 and asked the club for a small donation to assist with the purchase of a trailer so he could better assist people in need in the Renmark community.

Instead of making a small donation, the members voted to purchase and donate a suitable trailer. President, Peter Keynes, said that the club thought that by donating a trailer, with the Apex name on it was a better than simply writing a cheque. The trailer will last for many years and is a community assett that carries our name, along with the Salvation Army.

Kevin Van Amstel said that the donation was overwhelming, and that is was terrific to receive such great support form a local service club. “The trailer will be used to collect food from the Riverland Food Bank as well as move furniture and large bulky items for Salvation Army clients.”

The donation was covered by the 2 x local newspapers, as well as WIN news.



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Renmark & Loxton Apex Clubs Donate $630 to Riverland Make a Wish Foundation

On the 4th of April, the Renmark and Loxton Apex Clubs donated a total of $630 to the Riverland Make a Wish Foundation.

Dallas Zelliff, President of the Riverland Make a Wish Foundation attended a combined meeting held at the Loxton Apex Shed and spoke about the fantastic wishes that the Riverland Make a Wish Foundation have granted ill children from our area. His presentation touched a lot of the members.

The money donated by the two Apex clubs was raised through an interclub cricket match, which Renmark won. The full match report can be read here.

Rhian Hondow (left) & Pete Keynes (right) Present Dallas Zellif (centre) with the cheques

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Renmark Apex Donates $285 to Renmark North Primary School

On the 18th of November 2011, the Apex Club of Renmark cooked hot chips and donuts for the thousands of people who attended the Renmark North Primary Schools annual continental. The chip cooker was falt out for nearly 3 hours, with 6 members kept busy all night cooking and serving. The event was a great welcome to the club for Kevin Van Amstel, and he learnt how to use the chip cooker under pressure.

Whilst the donuts didn’t pan out so well, the chips were a massive hit.

From the profit of the night, the Apex Club donated $285 to the School.

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$150 Donation to Renmark West Primary School

Following a successful catering event held on the 2nd of September cooking chips, the Renmark Apex Club  as donated 50% of the money raised from the night.

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$100 Donation to Renmark West Primary School

In September the Apex Club of Renmark Inc. donated $100 to the Renmark West Primary School year 5/6 class. This donation provided assistance with the costs of travel for five students to attend the International River Health Conference.

The students presented information on weeds that are present in the Riverland to other students from across Australia and overseas.

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$100 Donation to Greenhill Lodge – Adelaide

Following the recent Handover Dinner, the club decided to donate $100 (which was collected during the fines session) to Greenhill Lodge in Adelaide.

Greenhill Lodge was chosen as a worthwile charity due to the support and assistance proveded to country cancer patients and their families whilst in Adelaide.

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$125 Donation to the Riverland Garden Club / RFDS

On the 16th of March 2011, the Apex Club of Renmark donated $75 to the Riverland Garden Club for the 1st Annual Petal Plucking Championship, held in Berri. The entry fee for the competition was $25, however, the Renmark Apex Club decided to donate an additional $75 as money raised from the event went to the RFDS. Another $50 was raised through members at our meeting on the 2nd of March after John Menzel flogged off some flowers at the end of hte night.  John came to our meeting to promote the ‘Petal Plucking Championship’ and give our President Mark ‘Mad-Dog’ Charlesworth some useful pointers in  the skill of plucking petals.

Unfortunately we bowed out of the Championship early on, however it was still a very good night.

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$2,000 Donation to Mens Health SA

Folowing another successful New Years Eve Chowilla Ball, the Apex Club of Renmark Inc. made a donation of $2,000 to Mens Heath SA.

Mens Health SA Education Consultant, Stephen Toon collected a cheque from the Apex Club at a meeting held at the Renmark Golf & Country Club.

Stephen also conducted 3 x mens health awareness seminars to the club over 3 weeks during April and May this year.

Click here for more information about Mens Health SA.

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